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Analysis. Innovation. Development.

Eprom group is a corporate group that covers multiple sectors. Through research and analysis of the places in which the group is or plans to be in the future, Eprom group directs the development of products adapted to the peculiarities that the territory presents.

It is precisely this characteristic that allows Eprom group to diversify the production scope of its divisions and to cover national and foreign contexts.

Innovation plays a fundamental role in the company philosophy and makes the group extremely fast on the market; to date, in fact, the sectors treated vary from the construction, with products such as profiles, cement mortars, waterproofing, varnishes and floors, treated by the Eprom solutions division, to the industrial machinery sector, with packaging lines, food ovens, technical and electro-medical equipment, treated by the Eprom tech division. The group boasts the development and ownership of 12 international patents.

The approach


Growth and Expansion.

Eprom group constantly evolves thanks to the expansion of the production line and new acquisitions. The construction sector is represented by the Eprom solutions division, which deals with construction products such as cement mortars, fillers, single and two-component glues, waterproofing products for general construction.

Eprom solutions is also active in the field of interior design with flooring products such as tiles, wood, mosaics, profiles, paints, taps and sanitary fittings, and doors. The division also markets Ivory Dream®, an ecological vegetable ivory.

Eprom group multi sectorial
Eprom group technology

The technique

Technological development

Research and innovation.

Eprom group is equipped with a field dedicated to industrial machinery, covered by the Eprom tech division. The products treated by the division are machinery for the food industry such as horizontal and vertical packaging machines, kneaders, injectors and dosing machines, cookers, industrial kilns for cooking, production chains.

Outside the food sector, the division produces and sells machinery for the construction industry such as ball mills for grinding and vibrating screens. The growth of the group has finally led Eprom tech to the expansion of medical machinery in the field, with ultra-low temperature freezers and electromedical equipment.

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