Our history

Eprom S.r.l.

Eprom S.r.l. was founded in 2004 in Turin. In the early years Eprom S.r.l. focuses its development and training on the Italian territory by producing and marketing construction materials such as flooring, profiles, interior furnishings, interior design products in general. The propensity for progress and the continuous evolutionary drive has led the company from its inception to the development of innovative products anticipating the future.

It is from one of these ideas that Ivory Dream® vegetable ivory for interior design is born. The most resistant ecological mosaic in the world. The company does not stop its production arriving in a short time to possess 12 international patents completely devised inside it, of which it is still owner. It is thanks to Ivory Dream® that Eprom S.r.l. for the first time reaches abroad realizing its first growth objective.

The activity in the construction sector leads to the foundation of Eprom Solutions, dedicated to the production and marketing of flooring materials, profileria, materials and furnishings for interiors, cements, glues and waterproofing products. At the same time, Eprom tech is born company edicated to the technological and industrial machinery field. From the need to firmly unite all the brands and sectors of Eprom S.r.l. under a guide and a shared objective comes to light Eprom group.

Thanks to the analysis of market demands and the demand for new products from customers, Eprom group continuously directs the research within its divisions allowing the development of innovative projects, new partnerships with the purpose of constantly expanding its commercial network in Italy and abroad.

The organization

Human resources

Success through people.

Engine for success, human resources occupy a place of excellence in the Eprom group. We are committed to constantly improving the professionalism and motivation of our employees with the aim of fostering sustainable internal growth.
We continually try to inspire and inspire us with new references, thus facilitating the development of ideas, giving value to individual personalities in order to achieve group optimization.

We frequently hold group meetings to discuss the problems and strengths of the work carried out, to make suggestions and improve productivity, analyzing the parameters set to understand the performance of the individual sectors.

Eprom S.r.l.

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Headquarters Italy:

Headquarters Eprom group

Eprom group
C.so Moncalieri 312, 10133
Turin, Italy
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Headquarters Eprom group

APT n°14,
Edificio parque de la Quinta
5° avenida, La Habana, Cuba
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