The objectives

Analysis. Innovation. Development.

Eprom group makes of multisectoriality its strength. The expansion of the production area is a continuous process that the group achieves through research and planned development, based on the evolution of market demands.

It is this characteristic that allows the Eprom group to reach different markets in different sectors, national and international.

The keywords research, innovation and development not only concern the present, they are the guide that has accompanied us and that will accompany us to the achievement of our growth objectives. Research is essential to understand and plan innovation. Innovation is a constant evolutionary impulse towards development. Our development and the development of the communities to which we belong is our purpose.

The target

Our mission

Growth. Expansion. Multi-sectorial approach.

We aim to expand our distribution chain through research and new acquisitions, extending our distribution area with the aim of reaching the global scale.

We want to inspire our employees with the new inputs coming from the market demands, developing in this way not only the company productivity but also their and our qualities.
As a group, we have the objective of increasing the investments of our divisions, orienting ourselves more and more towards the multi-sectorial aspects of the production area.

La mission di Eprom group
La vision di Eprom group

The future

Our vision

Development and eco-sustainability.

In Eprom group we believe in a future in which communities and people can have equal chances to improve their life expectancy and preserve its dignity. We strongly believe in the value of ideas and we want to participate in the realization by providing the appropriate means for their realization, inspiring new ones.

We want to enable the growth of developing countries to allow them equal opportunities and in doing so, to work to achieve zero impact and to give our children a clean and healthy world in which to live.

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Headquarters Italy:

Headquarters Eprom group

Eprom group Moncalieri 312, 10133
Turin, Italy
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Headquarters Eprom group

APT n°14,
Edificio parque de la Quinta
5° avenida, La Habana, Cuba
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